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Transient - Sonya Jackson and Renee Soulis

Transient is a pop-up art show and sale featuring coastal works of art by Sonya Jackson and Renee Soulis, capturing transient moments, past and present.

Pop in for the free group community get together, where you will be able to meet the artist and discuss painting/drawing techniques, tips and tricks and where the inspirations came from. As well as a community based collaboration drawing table where anyone can have a go at drawing with pen and ink, inspired by a local scenes to create community participation based artwork - All welcome! 23 November - 5 December 2021, 10 - 4pm daily

Opening celebration ~ Thurs 25 November 6 - 8.30pm Afternoon chat and draw with the artist to create a community collaboration artwork ~ Sat 27 November and Sat 4 December 2.30 - 4pm Sonya and Renée first met at art school where they studied visual arts. After a two year period of developing work and exhibiting alongside one another, they realised their work is complimentary. Both have a shared intriguing interest in capturing transient moments, past and present. Sonya sways towards evocative landscape while Renee’s art is figurative.

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